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White Label Smart Home
The white-labeled smarthome product is the most ideal solution for most of the enterprises and new startups. Therefore, the company can rapidly enter and occupy the field of home automation, or expand the smart devices line. 
White labels smart home would take shorter lead times - 2 or 3 weeks to get the products. It almost eliminates product development costs, too. To get our IoT product quality to build your brand. Hidintech offers the Milfra brand, or IoT devices with customized packaging and brand of OEM customers. Not only the packaging but also we can customize the markings and logos on the device for your brand.
Our product line has been growing to keep up with the market every year. We have below for your options.
Wi-Fi Light Switch
Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch
Wi-Fi Socket
ZigBee Hub
ZigBee Switch
Smart IR Remote
Smart Garage Door Switch
Smart USB Hub

OEM Custom Solutions

If you need custom products for your smart home brands, Hidintech also your best home automation supplier. We have some offline styles for your option.

Our advantage is as below:
* 7 year's OEM experience
* Factory Direct
* Free SDK
* Short Leadtime
* Quality Guarantee from material to shipping
* 7/24 Fast After-sale Service